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Beautiful historic Mogo Village, home of Mogo Fudge South Coast New South Wales

Old Mogo Town - experience the authentic thrills of the gold rush era

Discover the Difference at Mogo Village Scenic historic village, south of Batemans Bay, NSW

Mogo offers a wide range of attractions in a relaxed old world atmosphere and is the perfect place to spend a couple of days.

Mogo started life as a gold mining town during the 1850’s.

The discovery of gold in the Cabbage Tree Creek in 1857 sparked Mogo’s gold rush and overnight 200 diggers appeared on the scene and a new town was born. At its peak Mogo had several hotels and churches, a host of shops and a public school.

The diggings were mainly alluvial and gold from Mogo was of the best quality and rated as high as 22 carats. A twenty-one ounce nugget was the largest ever recorded at Old Mogo Creek. However the boom did not last long and Mogo gradually declined and became a sleepy backwater.

Discover historic Mogo Village Relax and enjoy a day of shopping and eating in Mogo Village

In the late 1980’s Mogo became the home of a small group of craftspeople and artists and this started Mogo’s second “rush”. Mogo grew rapidly with the influx of many more craftspeople together with antique shops, coffee shops and other attractions.

The old-time atmosphere of Mogo was maintained with the new buildings being built to complement the surviving miner’s cottages. The atmosphere was enhanced by the potteries, galleries and other craft shops that brought a rich cultural feel to Mogo.

Browse the many shops and galleries Unique shops with old world charm

Mogo has become a unique shopping destination with many specialist shops you simply will not find anywhere else. There are also many places to eat – perfect for a relaxing morning coffee, lunch or afternoon tea.

Mogo’s gold rush days can be experienced at Old Mogo Town and of course there is the famous Mogo Zoo, which specialises in exotic and endangered species.

Vist the Old Mogo Town website

Mogo Zoo - dedicated to the preservation of rare and endangered animals in world class facilities, where the animals always come first

Visit the famous Mogo ZooPreserving rare, endangered and exotic species in a world class setting

Located just 10km south of Batemans Bay in the picturesque village of Mogo, Mogo Zoo is a privately owned zoo which is committed to the survival of endangered animals.

It provides world class facilities for over 200 animals of more than 39 rare and exotic species, including the rare and beautiful white lions of "Timbavati".

As an institutional member of ARAZPA (Australasian Regional Association of Zoological Parks and Aquariums), Mogo Zoo works closely with all the major Australasian zoos, cooperating in various Species Management Programs and is actively involved in many global breeding programs.

Visit the Mogo Zoo website

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In & Out at Mogo

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Courtyard Cafe at Mogo Fudge

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