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Blended with care using only the finest quality ingredients
Will Procter Mogo Fudge Fudgoligist

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Fudge Flavours Caramel Fudges Traditional favourites from Mogo Fudge

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  • Cappuccino

    (AUD) $4.95 per 100 gmCappuccino

    Whole marshmallows in espresso coffee fudge

  • Caramel Pecan

    (AUD) $4.95 per 100 gmCaramel Pecan

    Pecan nuts in creamy caramel fudge

  • Choc Caramel Swirl

    (AUD) $4.95 per 100 gmChoc Caramel Swirl

    Swirls of rich dark chocolate and creamy caramel fudge

  • Cowboy

    (AUD) $4.95 per 100 gmCowboy

    Butterscotch schnapps and Bailey’s Irish Cream

  • Rich Caramel

    (AUD) $4.95 per 100 gmRich Caramel

    Traditional creamy caramel fudge

  • Vanilla and Caramel Swirl

    (AUD) $4.95 per 100 gmVanilla and Caramel Swirl

    Swirls of velvety vanilla and creamy caramel fudge